6:th treatment...


Linnea has now come home again from the hospital after her 6:th treatment in Monterrey which included the 4:th and final immunotherapy.
One of the doctors came out with a poker face and then gave us a big smile telling us the procedure went very well and that the tumor has continued shrinking and that there is less tumor mass.

We've now seen images comparing the first MRIs in May to the latest MRIs, and the change in the tumor is significant, much less tumor mass and size, and it's showing in Linneas general condition as well.
She is now running and playing without any problems, she regained full function of her right hand, she's curious again and is trying new things, and her laugh, oh my her laugh is so infectious now and puts big smiles on our faces.
We couldn't be happier and more grateful. When we come home to Sweden later this fall Linnea will start school, something that is sure to bring out tears of emotion in both dad and mom, she will make new friends and learn new things in life. And mom will buy a gym bag for Linnea, something we didn't believe would ever happen. 

What we also now know is that without a doubt this is the treatment for us, it's showing results, and it is going to be the treatment for Linnea for a long time forward.
We don't know how long we will need to do this treatment since Linnea and the other children here are pioneering something never seen before in the DIPG world. A bit later this autumn we will start spacing out the treatments a bit in between and over time further more.

We've had a lot of you asking us ever since May how we are doing finacially and that we should let you know if we need more funds for the treatment.

This is us humbly saying officially that we need more funds and your help yet again. 

With the current pace and treatment schedule we are running out of money in December this year, and it would be an understatement to say that we don't think about this daily and worry about how we will do financially.

So we ask you all that have helped us in the past to help us again. 
Large or small donations are very appreciated. And equally important if not more so, help us share this with your friends and your network, because we can't do this alone, but many people together can make a huge difference.

If you want to use Swish then use this number: +46 723 58 09 53

Please help us save Linnea.

Maja Hallén