Treatment #8 and it keeps shrinking!


Linnea is now home from the hospital after her 8:th treatment in Monterrey.
We're very happy to get the news that the MRIs show that Linneas tumor has shrunk further a little since the last treatment.

Later we will go home to Sweden and Linnea will be going back to Mexico for continued treatment on a regular basis, and from then she will start going to school at home, seeing her long lost friends, and just play and be happy.

Linnea has always liked math, and lately Linnea has become even more engrossed in it as she prepares for school at home in Sweden, she's so excited.
Every day she brings out her math book on her own and sits and does addition and subtractions, and she's really quick at it as well.
She's even asked dad what the strange signs (* and /) are for since she sees Kristian working with those :-)

Thank you everyone who keeps helping us fundraise for Linneas treatment, without you all we couldn't have been here. 
As it looks now we have funds until January next year so we ask you all for help.
Yet again we need to ask all of you for help in sharing and spreading our message, its through the power of the many that we have gotten here, many small, but oh so significant, donations.

Please share this with your friends and ask them to share it further.

[Linneas fundraising page for donations]

You can also use swish for donationations: +46 723 58 09 53

If you want to become a monthly donor to Linnea, because sometimes its easier to give a little for a few months, then feel free to use these Paypal-links below.
They will lead you to Paypal and with a couple of easy clicks you can sign up for a 6-month subscription for the amounts below.
So far more than 11.000(!) people in Sweden and world-wide have helped Linnea, if everyone could donate 10 euros each then Linnea would be set for the whole 2018.

Kristoffer Nordström