Treatment #9 and Linneas Christmas Fundraiser


Several glad news today, and the most important one first.

Linnea is now home in Monterrey from her 9th treatment at the hospital, and the treatment went without a problem.
The doctors and we see that the tumor continues to shrink a little every time and we are very happy. A PET scan earlier this week showed that the treatment has lowered the activity in Linnea's tumor.

In a week we go home to let Linnea go to school, our girl will start in elementary school and it feels incredible!
Linnea has already worked through almost the entire first math book in Monterrey, she is so excited to start school, only 4 pages left in it!
Then Linnea will be home for three weeks, going back to Mexico for three weeks, and so on.

We are also incredibly pleased that together with the artist and Linnea's godmother, Maja Hallén, we have built the new page for Linnea's fundraiser, and in connection with that, we start "Linnea Christmas Fundraiser".

The treatment in Monterrey works and reduces the tumor every time. But the raised money runs out in January 2018, we can not let this happen.

Therefore, we are starting Linnea's Christmas fundraiser and hope that all of you wonderful people can help us spread our call for help and help us reach our new goal of 50,000 €.

We are hoping for a Christmas miracle.

Kristoffer Nordström