Temporarily home again!

Hello everyone,

here is an slightly overdue update from us.


We've been enjoying being back home in Sweden since a couple of weeks, the whole family returned temporarily back home to Sweden.
It's amazing being back and the biggest news of the day is that since last week Linnea has officially started school, she's met her new, very caring, and kind class mates, and she loves every day of school (she kept asking over the weekend when school was starting again).
The first day she was a bit shy, but a girl in her class came over, took her hand and said: "You don't need to be shy, we're all friendly here. Come lets go play together", and off they walked.


Linnea has now travelled back to Monterrey with mom for 3 weeks and will live in Monterrey for two more treatments before going home to Christmas, it will be hard being apart but family life needs to function as well and big brother Kristian needs to go to school and seeing friends.

Dad and Kristian will just have to do the Christmas decorations and cooking.


Last week we also travelled with Linnea to Lund and our Swedish oncologist team there to do a followup.
There were tears of joy and big happy smiles that wouldn't go away when the nurses and doctors saw Linnea roll in on her scooter ("Look I'm riding with one hand!", "Now I'm riding on one leg!") , last time they saw her she was rolling out in a wheelchair.
The doctors are extremelly impressed to say the least about Linneas progress and how well the treatment is working.
Remember that for 50 years they have never seen something like this with a DIPG patient who is actually improving and getting better over time.

But we're not done yet, Linnea will need more treatments before the cancer is fully gone, and we are constantly reminded of just how thin of a line that we're balancing.

Money is running out in the beginning of next year and "Linnea's Christmas Fundraiser" is in full swing, you all have helped us raise 50% of the goal set, and we are hoping for a Christmas miracle.
Friends, family, and people everywhere are helping Linnea with small donations, initiatives and much more, we couldn't be more grateful to all of you helping us.
There are people nowadays doing things like "Linnea's Kiosk", "Team Running for Linnea", selling ribbons at conferences, and much more to help raise funds for us. And there are so many of you spreading the news and sharing our updates, for that we are truly grateful.

Thank you.

Kristoffer Nordström