Happy birthday!


Idag firade vår underbara Linnea sin sjätte födelsedag.

Today our lovely Linnea has celebrated her 6 year old birthday.
Half a year ago we celebrated her 5.5 year old birthday party because honestly at that time we didn't know if we were going to celebrate today.
And now our fantastic Linnea is not only doing better, but walking, running, jumping on trampolines, and climbing!

There has been lots of presents, quite a few of them Superhero inspired (Linnea is going through a Supergirl phase), guests, a pinata(!) and cakes.

Yes several cakes, because unexpectedly the staff at the clinic where Linnea was in this morning had found out it was her birthday so they made an extra errand in the morning and suprised us with the beautiful cake you see in the images, they are fantastic and so caring there. Thank you Stephanie and Adriana!
We even had a bouncy castle since a friend of us here arranged that for Linnea!

For all the images, see this facebook post.

Everyone of you have helped us make this day possible by supporting us, so its only right you get to celebrate with us a bit as well here.
We also humbly ask of you to help us reach the 7 year birthday party and then on from there, any donations, big or small, for the treatment are ever so appreciated.

Maja Hallén