Gravy, robots, and positive news

On friday me (dad) and Linnea arrived home after a 30 hour trip from Mexico.
First thing that she demanded, and had demanded ever since Mexico, was potatoes and her grandmother's turkey gravy.

Linnea and me spent January together in Mexico for two more treatments, and on Monday earlier this week she did treatment #13 and afterwards our fantastic doctors came very glad and announced that the tumor had shrunk further slightly, confirmed by both them and the hospitals radiologists independently.
It was also according to the doctors noticeable from the MRI that the tumor is less and less active judging from the enhancement and amount of contrast fluid that is being absorbed by the tumor cells.


It's the first time me and Linnea have been away together this long from mom and Kristian, and even though we've missed home, January in Mexico with Linnea can only be described as something magical.
We've done arts&crafts, went to the arcade to play, played lots and lots of Uno cards at home, and played video games.

We've visited, and have been visted by, dear friends in Monterrey, and its been great catching up.
Oh, and Linnea and me have had a nail salon as well were we've taken care of the nails.. dads secret to bad paint technique is overcompensating with lots of decorations.


And Linnea wanted to build a robot, so of course we did that one evening. That girl knows no boundaries in her interests, just like it should be for a 6 year old girl.

We've arrived home to Sweden where we were picked up by grandmother and grandfather at the airport, and even though its the first time in a long while since we've seen snow, I kind of miss the weather in Mexico already, Linnea although was ecstatic that she could go outside and shovel the snow with me.

Another fantastic news is that our doctors in Mexico have announced that they want us to go to a 4 week treatment schedule followed quickly by 5 weeks in between treatments. 
We've waited for this moment since last year, and the extra week at home will be very precious for us all.
It's a testament as to how well they think we are doing with the treatment and the progress with Linnea's tumor. 

Linnea already started asking when school starts because she misses her friends and the food there, it's apparently the sandwiches.
Luckily she didn't have to wait that long before meeting some of her classmates, this weekend she went to her first birthday party in a year, she was so happy playing with the other kids and dancing.

Thank you all for this, without you we couldn't have done this, and its all thanks to you and your generosity that we are here today with Linnea stronger than before, and on the outside a normal girl back to the way she was before diagnosis.
Oh, except now she's more than a year older and its a joy to see her grow up.

If you have the possibility, then a small monthly subscription of a donation to Linnea helps us so much in securing funding for future treatments.
It is also easier and more convenient for most people to donate a small amount every month rather than a large one. 
Of course a one time Swish or Paypal donation is also ever so welcome.

Thank you each and everyone.

Kristoffer Nordström