Logistic challenge...


Today something amazing happened!

We have now managed to get Linnea's tumor sample safely shipped to Mexico from Stockholm and it will now form the basis for Linnea's immunotherapy! This means that Linnea will receive a tailor-made immunotherapy and her immune system will learn to recognize her own tumor. This is as far as you can get in DIPG treatment when in combination with everything else here!
Not only does she get a unique cocktail of 8-11 drugs in the chemotherapy with a unique delivery mechanism (Intra-arterial Chemotherapy), not just one immunotherapy but two ("Autologous Denditric Cell Immunetherapy" (Denditric Cells), and "Adaptive Cell Immunetherapy" (T-Cells)), furthermore, the immunotherapies will be uniquely created just for her tumor.

A few weeks ago, our professor and immunologist notified us that there was opportunity in the university at Monterrey and that they could replace the general anti-genes for immunotherapy and extract anti-genes from Linnea's own biopsy samples of tumor tissue.
However, the tumor sample had to be stored correctly, and the majority of all samples are stored in paraffin which does not work.
We had to arrange the delivery to Monterrey all the way ourselves, and the test was extremely sensitive and had to be transported in dry ice and -80 degrees all the way, otherwise the saple would be destroyed and become worthless, the only sample in the whole world.

Thanks to our wonderful oncologists in Lund, we learned that the sample in Lund was saved in paraffin, but that some of the biopsy sample stored in Stockholm at Childrens Tumor Bank is "freshly frozen tumor tissue" and could be used for this.

So just roll up your arms and take the next step then.

A wonderful and highly specialized company "YSDS - Your Special Delivery Service" (http://www.ysds.com/) was willing to undertake our assignment even though they usually do not work with privat persons.

An international delivery like this is extremely complicated, full of things that can go wrong, documents that have to be filled in beforehand and be cleared by customs, and in the end there were four different countries and two continents involved and a host of opportunities for the human factor to present itself.
Dry ice also evaporates all the time so the logistic operation is extremely time-critical with very few margins for errors.

But YSDS has done this before, fixed it like professionals, and today I was at university to see the sample being delivered to the lab.
It appeared in "excellent condition" and is now in safe storage! Several weeks of constant anxiety and tension released in just a few moments.

In the end, YSDS refused to charge us for this logistic nightmare and sees it as their way of helping Linnea in her and our struggle. I do not even dare to think what the endevor would have cost.
If you are an entrepreneur and need world-class excellence for your next delivery, consider using YSDS, they are incredibly professional and nice.

All of this we do in Monterrey would not be possible unless you helped us every step of the way and we are so grateful for all the donations, so big and small help us save Linnea, thanks from the depths of our hearts!

Maja Hallén